Weekly Update

Framer Web

Framer, the ever evolving app for prototyping, has moved to the web. It’s been hard to keep up with the pace of this team, with Framer X only seeming like it was launched yesterday. Along with the web app is a new free tier. This seems like a good move overall, but I’m mostly interested to see yet another product development tool move to the web following Figma and Github Codespaces.

Chakra UI

My friend Sam wrote great article last week on the cost of adopting bleeding edge technologies. It’s an excellent piece and worth your time. One thing that I noticed was Sam’s link to Chakra UI. Being involved with the design system at A Cloud Guru, I found this realavite to my interests, and quite impressive. It also feel like the React cousin to my favourite css utility framework Tailwind in many ways.

Notion Personal Plan

Another excellent web app Notions has updated their plans and now offers a much more generous personal tier. There are no longer limit on the number of pages or ‘blocks’ on the free offering, which will make a few people I know very happy, although there is still a size limit to the total number of images you can upload. 🤷‍♂️

Marco Polo

Over the years I’ve found myself less and less engaged with the current crop of social apps. I still enjoy Twitter and Instagram, but do miss the tight-knit feeling I got from these apps when they first launched. This is probably why Marco Polo has really struck a chord. Stupidly simple, yet cleverly executed, Marco Polo allows you to have a ‘back and forth’ conversation with video. I’ve found it to be most useful talking to friends in different time zones, but also great for saying a quick ‘hello’ to a friend when you have 5 mins to spare.