Hey there! It’s been a while. One of my last posts was a public commitment to post something every week. Almost twelve months later and this is only the second time I’ve published something. In days past I would have been disappointed in myself, but I guess I’ve grown in that regard (hopefully). Life gets in the way and other things take priority. Having said that, I need to keep looking after myself and I’ve found my writing to be one of the best ways to keep my mind healthy.

My journalling also took a bit of a hit. I’ve started getting back into that more recently but nowhere as frequent as I was 12 months ago. It will be interesting to see how my stats for the last 12 months compare to the year before.

So why get back into writing now? I mentioned the health aspect of it but I could have just continued with my journal to accomodate for that. There was actually something else that gave me the push to post something to my blog again and that was RSS club.

The idea of being able to post something publicly but also have it be somewhat secret sounded fun. A little club for anyone following this blog via RSS. Not that I have many people reading my blog anyway, but you get the idea. This was the main reason for dusting off this codebase and getting a new post up.

Will it mean I post more frequently? I can’t really say. All I know is it feels great regurgitating all these thoughts onto the screen without it needing to make any real sense or to have a point. This piece is definitely more me.