Hey there! 👋 Welcome to my little corner of the internet. This site has been running in many shapes and forms since 2004. While a lot of what I originally posted here has been lost, I’m endeavouring to treat this site as more of a digital garden moving forward.

I’m a passionate and thoughtful designer leader working to solve interesting problems and build products that put people first.

For the last 20 years I’ve worked across many aspects of the design industry, from running a graphic design studio and creating logotypes, to designing mobile apps and leading product design teams.

Right now I’m at Surreal building a new platform to support live entertainment. I love working inclusively and strive to make the design process as collaborative as possible. The most valuable experiences in my process are the ones where I learn something new, and I’m always looking for opportunities to challenge my perception and gain a new perspective.

A good day is one where I’m able to improve my understanding of design and evolve my process, alongside learning to be a better leader, friend and human.

I enjoy hearing from people, so please send me an email and say hello.