Weekly Update 3

Fathom Analytics

I moved to Fathom for my analytics about a year ago. While I don’t have much traffic, I really enjoy seeing people visiting something that I’ve built – all feedback is valuable. I’d previously used Google Analytics for all my sites, but I wanted a more lightweight analytics tool that had a stronger focus on privacy. Fathom covers all of these concerns and is also really well designed. If you’re looking for an alternative to your current analytic setup, I suggest giving it a try. Also, here’s my shameless plug for my referral link and a $10 discount! https://usefathom.com/ref/M8YZM1

7am Podcast

If you live in Australia or are looking for a way to keep up with the news at home, I recommend checking out 7am. Published by Schwartz Media, who are also behind The Monthly Magazine and the Saturday Paper, 7am is a podcast covering the countries top stories in simple 15 minute episodes. I’d also recommend subscribing to one of the publications mentioned above if you’re able to.

WWDC Keynote 2020

Despite finding my love of ‘big tech’ starting to wane, the WWDC keynote (and Google IO to some extent) is still something I look forward to each year. Along with the usual OS updates, there are a number of big announcements this year, including the transition to new Apple made processors for Mac laptops and desktops. Keen to see how these updates enable new opportunities on Apple’s hardware.

🎵 Still Corners - The Trip

I’ve had this track on heavy rotation for the last couple of week.